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Whether you want to launch a new brand or reinvigorate a household name – the Remark team has got you covered. From conception to construction our team provides top shelf technology & expertise to get the job done. A sturdy foundation coupled with versatile platforms allow for you to fully extend your brand online.


The Remark team is proud to announce that one of our favorite brands, Castle Filters, is now available at It was almost two years ago that our team named & branded this amazing line of products. This milestone in product and brand development is crucial in the future of Castle Filters.


How Can We Help?


Brand Identity

The visual representation of your culture.

Brand is 100% communication. The imagery you communicate with is just as important as the words you choose. Being identifiable to your fans and unique to contemporaries is the first step towards a good brand. So many consumers think a logo makes the brand, and it’s so much more than that. Every customizable facet of your business can and should be a part of your brand.

Unique elements to consider:

  • Brand Names
  • Logo & Mark
  • Slogan or Catchphrase
  • Graphics & Shapes
  • Typography & Colors
  • Internal Company Policies
  • Customer Relations

Print Design

Make lasting impressions in person as well.

Even if your business is 100% web based, print design is a necessity you want in knowledgeable hands. Assuring your print collateral is brand approved and camera ready is our biggest goal. When the time comes for ink to meet paper, we can handle that for you as well. We consult the customer through 100% of the process from bid to ship.

Collateral options to inspire:

  • Business & Post Cards
  • Fliers & Brochures
  • Banners & Billboards
  • Posters & Catalogues
  • Pop Up Event Structures

Web Design

The internet can be a beautiful place.

Writing the code is only half the battle. Assuring your fans can intuitively understand and interact with your brand is the hard part. This becomes especially important when designing for responsive content. When fans interact, their experience should be the same regardless of the platform.

A Nerd & Artist collaborating is always key.

Content Creation

Say “goodbye” to writer’s block!

Put the thesaurus away, and stop bouncing your head against the wall. That’s our problem now. We understand developing content for yourself can be quite the challenge. Let Remark handle everything from brainstorms to spellchecks for a hassle free solution.

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.”

– E.L. Doctorow

Web Development

The bread and butter of content & culture.

The best soapbox we have to offer. A website that is 100% yours and under your control. Promote your services, sell your products and deliver your culture to the masses. Using the #1 Content Management System in the world, our team can build anything your website needs. A beautiful and affective web presence is just a conversation away.

Additional development services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-Commerce
  • Custom Built Tools
  • Advertisement Hosting
  • User Retargeting
  • Content Distribution Network

Search Engine Optimization

The language of interweb relations.

SEO allows your site to play nice with others. This optimization is not limited to “search engines”, however. Assure your brand is automatically displayed properly anywhere for and by your fans. When fans are sharing content, it’s imparitive that you control that first impression to their friends as much as possible. Our optimization tactics allow for seamless integration and access across the internet.

Other tactics to help optimization:

  • Remarkable & Relevant Content
  • Back Linking
  • Social Media Integration
  • Proper Content Caching
  • User Accounts
  • Content Formatting


Reign in your online transactions.

Control more of your customer experience and save money at the same time. Sending your users to a third party for financial transactions is a thing of the past. Take credit cards online through your own site! Our platform allows your customers to pay for goods and services without ever leaving your domain! All transactions happen behind a Secure Socket Layer to ensure customer privacy and safety.

Collect financial consideration for:

  • Retail & Unique Products
  • Single or Reoccurring Services
  • Crowd Funded Projects
  • Charitable Donations
  • Event Registration

Custom Built Tools

Choose the one right tool for the job.

When third party plugins and sites fail is when you need an artisan approach. Let our nerds build you a proprietary application that fits 100% of your needs. We can manufacture, test, and polish everything just for you. Your plugin comes complete with a custom user interface, manual and documentation. Scalable and agile programming allows for future growth to achieve greater goals.

Sweet tools we’ve built:

  • Tiered Access Fundraiser
  • Event Management System
  • Business Directory
  • Competition Registation
  • Contact Filtration System

Market Planning

Let us check the depth before you jump in.

Being honest with yourself when assessing risk and reward is the most important part. Make sure you’re not in over your head by letting Remark handle the due diligence. From concept to delivery, we are there every step of the way. Let’s craft a winning strategy together that can blow your competition out of the water.

What we have to offer:

  • ROI Research
  • Sourcing & Manufacturing
  • Campaign Management
  • Advertising
  • Customer Relations

Ad Campaigns

Start a long dialogue with your fans.

Listening to your fans is important. But giving a damn about them is so much better. Whether it’s through post or purchase, when your fans respond, you benefit. Develop an agile and flexible campaign that can respond to your fans’ desires. Through multiple media and social platforms we can share your passion with the masses.

Some available ad options:

  • Social Media
  • Music Streaming
  • Location Based Targeting
  • Content Creation
  • User Retargeting

Social Media

Get ahead of the curve… and your feed.

When your brand, website and social media start working well together, social media management gets easier. The extra workload is absorbed by your excellent programming and settings. This allows you to start planning weeks in advance, instead of scrambling every day. Let us manage your social media for a positive, efficient experience.

Where you can flourish:

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • SnapChat

Web Administration

“My website’s done.. now what?”

Don’t you worry one bit! We don’t just build websites, we manage them as well. Let us keep the gears turning, so you can run your business! Rest easy knowing your site is in the hands of caring, passionate professionals. Together we can set up daily, weekly or monthly interval strategies to keep your site up to date and fulfilling your needs.

How we can help:

  • Infrastructure Updates
  • Security Monitoring
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Customer Relations
  • Content Management

We Build Effective Brands

Here's a few our team developed


Happy Customers

Their ambitions fuel our creations.


The Success of No Toil

Goodbye Cookie Cutter E-Commerce

Hello Record Breaking Sales

As the leader in convenient air filtration maintenance, had to be a testament to that responsibility. With over 500 parts for 4700 vehicles, our team lived up to that challenge by delivering the NoToil Vehicle Finder. This tool is just one part of the correct decisions that lead to the record breaking months for