Why Hosting Matters

your server is a lot like an apartment

Think of your hosting as renting real estate for your business. You get what you pay for.

Not all servers are the same.

Imagine your website as a real brick & mortar store that people can visit. Where is it located? Is it a big building you own, that has an entrance just for your customers? Think again. In reality your business probably shares an address with hundreds to thousands of other businesses.

Low cost, high population hosting puts your website at risk. When thousands of websites share one server, millions of users share one server. Load times, down times & maintenance increase exponentially. When a single site is attacked or goes viral, it affects all websites on that server.

Hosting Should Be an Investment!

You’re a smart business owner. You know you have to spend money to make money, why would hosting be any different? It should be an investment in the prosperity & future of your business. The more you need from your website, the better the technology needs to be. The cost of hosting a website should be a drop in the bucket – when you make your website work for you.

your hosting is a lot like an apartment

wpengine.com our trusted host for years wpengine.com our trusted host for years

Your Deluxe Apartment in the Cloud.

For years now Remark has trusted WPEngine.com with hosting. The best hosting you’ve never heard of. No big game commercials or sponsored drivers. They invest wholly into service & technology for their customers. They’re the best at what they do for a reason. What other hosting services try to up-charge & call “premium features”, WPEngine has standard in their hosting packages.

Lighting fast websites with all the best performance features is why WPEngine is the best choice for growth. Reasonable rates for local sites wanting to outperform the competition. Amazing features for those who need a national or global approach. Easily encrypted transactions, Content Distribution Networks & hassle free growth are they’re real selling points. Follow the link below to learn more about WPEngine.com hosting.

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